Isaiah 61:1-62:3 “Glad Tidings”

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Jesus’ coming is heralded by angels who bring “glad tidings” of “great joy” for “all people.”  This verse in Luke 2 is probably one of the most memorable in Scripture, of course hearing it in the voice of Linus from A Charlie Brown Christmas.  That, we say, is what Christmas is all about.

But what is that good news really?  We say that Jesus coming is “good news.”  It’s the beginning of the Gospel, really, a word that means Good News.  But what is that good news?  For us, it isn’t just that Jesus came to the earth that is the “good news,” it’s the profound impact that God’s only Son had on the world and on our lives.  Our Scripture passage from Isaiah 61 reminds us of just some of the real-life impacts Jesus has on our lives.

Questions to take home:

  1. Isaiah lists a number of things that would be accomplished through Jesus’ life and ministry.  Where do you see yourself in this passage?  What impact does Jesus’ ministry then, and His continual presence now have on your life?
  2. Are there those in your life that fit into some of these categories?  How could they benefit from hearing the “Good News” of Jesus coming?  Have you told them these glad tidings?  Will you?
  3. Isaiah’s words have more to do than just physical changes in our lives, they have to do with our God given identity.  Isaiah uses words like “instead,” “inherit,” “clothed,” and “called.”  Christmas celebrations have often been relegated to celebrating Jesus’ coming; how can you remember that His coming ultimately led to the transformation of our identity?  Do we celebrate Christmas with an eye on the cross?