Isaiah 2:2-5; Revelation 21:1-9 “Kingdom Come”

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As we come into worship today, we celebrate “Christ the King” Sunday.  Traditionally, this is the end of the church year, a time in which we anticipate and celebrate the second coming of Jesus Christ, the culmination of the coming of His Kingdom here on earth.  We wait expectantly for the fulness of Jesus’ transforming work to fully manifest itself here on earth.

Unlike a book, which when finished is the end of the story, we look forward to this “end” as an ultimate new beginning.  In a similar fashion to our salvation, which when accepted in our lives ushers into the beginning of eternity even here on earth, we wait with excitement and hope for the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven.  When Jesus comes we will experience a completely renewed world in which sin and its effects will be wiped away forever!  And so, this morning we say together with the Apostle John, “Amen!  Come Lord Jesus!”

Questions to take home:

  1. The Prophets declared the message of God’s coming Kingdom all the way back in the Old Testament.  It is something that both “will happen” and “is happening.”  In what ways are you experiencing the establishment of God’s Kingdom in your life?  How is that transforming you?
  2. God’s Kingdom has come and is yet to come.  This represents ongoing spiritual and physical transformation in the world.  How do you see this happening around you?  How are you called to participate in it?
  3. “Christ the King” Sunday represents both and end and a beginning.  We anticipate and prepare for the coming King even as we transition into Advent, which is also a time of preparation for the coming of Jesus to the earth.  How will you prepare this year?  Are there things that could hinder or distract you from this preparation?  How will you be alert to them?