Hebrews 9:1-10:18 “Holy Place”

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There are two seasons in Michigan: winter and road construction. Most of us, at one point in our lives, have been impacted by road construction. Those detours can be incredibly annoying, eating up valuable vacation time or making us late for work. However, we understand that, when best way is closed for construction or repair, another way is needed if we are to reach our destination.
In the beginning, God’s presence dwelled with His children in the garden of Eden. They spoke together, walked together, and lived in perfect relationship, all until sin entered the world. When that happened, the way to God was closed and another way, a detour was set up. This detour is seen most clearly in Scripture in the Tabernacle and Temple. Yet, Hebrews points out that we must not see this detour as the best route, but only a temporary version to the main route built in Jesus Christ.
Questions to take home:
The Tabernacle/Temple were constructed in such a way as to teach about the pathway back to God’s presence, with many rituals and sacrifices involved. What are some things that we do in our lives to work/earn our own way back to God rather than trusting in Jesus Christ?
Blood was used in the sacrifices to symbolize repentance, forgiveness, and washing; it was a reminder that something had to die in order for there to be life for the sinner. How does Jesus’ sacrifice differ from the animal sacrifices? How does the significance of Jesus blood and sacrifice impact your life?
Today we take communion, drawing on the themes of sacrifice, blood, and God’s presence. How do these things fit into the elements of communion? What significance do you think they have and what does taking communion teach us?