Hebrews 8:1-13 “New Covenant”

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When I was young, my parents loved to collect antiques.  When we were on vacation, we would have to stop at antique stores in practically every town we visited.  I could never really understand why. Such old things have very little functional use and essentially just sat around in their house, on a shelf, as decoration.  Never would we have dreamed of using them; we had newer, better things.

In Hebrews 8, the author applies Jesus’ ministry as the Great High Priest to God’s covenant relationship with His people.  Jesus institutes a New Covenant with God’s people, one that applies grace where once the Law condemned. Though obsolete, the Old Covenant does still serve a purpose in helping us to understand the nature of God’s relationship with His people and the immeasurable grace that is offered to us in Jesus Christ.

Questions to take home:

  1. Unlike the priests of the Old Testament, Jesus ministers as the Great High Priest in heaven.  How does His presence there benefit us as the mediator of the New Covenant? What does this change in our lives?
  2. Both covenants are intimately related to God’s work in freeing His people from bondage.  Are there places in which you experience bondage your life? How does Jesus’ establishment of the New Covenant offer you freedom from that bondage?
  3. The author of Hebrews quotes Jeremiah 31:31-34.  How do you see this passage being fulfilled in Jesus?  Are there elements of this that you see coming true in your life as well?  How do those things impact the way we live our lives as God’s people?