Hebrews 7:1-28 “Who is this Melchizedek?”

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How many times have you changed a light bulb in your life?  I’m quite sure that I’ve lost count. Over time, every light bulb in the world will wear out and need to be replaced, no matter how new, expensive or fancy.  In fact, this is a basic reality that we face with pretty much everything that we experience in life.

Today’s Scripture passage talks about this reality in terms of the Old Testament priesthood.  Priests would serve, but only for a limited time due to the nature of human life. Even the oldest, wisest, and holiest of priests would eventually pass on and be replaced.  All, that is, except for Jesus. Our Great High Priest is eternal; there is no need for an upgrade or a replacement because Jesus takes on this role and fulfills it for all eternity!

Questions to take home:

  1. We live in a throwaway society, one which values the latest and greatest of everything.  How does Hebrews 7 challenge that cultural influence when it comes to faith? What does knowing that Jesus is our eternal Great High Priest change in your life?
  2. The Old Testament priesthood worked hard, thinking their work would eventually bring them perfection.  They didn’t understand that their role was to point forward to the Messiah. In what ways to Christians act the way the priests did?
  3. For hundreds of years, churches have rotated through leaders, taking advantage of different gifts and strengths to spur them on.  Hebrews says that Jesus, however, “truly meets our needs.” What does this mean for us as Christians? As a church?
  4. Though not directly addressed, Hebrews assumes a familiarity with the act of tithing, referencing Abraham’s gift to God after he was blessed.  How does the Genesis 14 narrative and Hebrews 7 inform or challenge our understanding of and commitment to giving and stewardship?