Hebrews 4:1-13 “Sabbath Rest”

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I remember when I was young, we could only play in the backyard on Sundays  My brother and I could only hope that neighbor kids came over looking for us; we couldn’t go looking for them.  I also remember a family down the street who didn’t let their kids do anything on Sundays, and their neighbors across the street who made their kids play in the front yard, just to stick it to everyone else.

This sort of Sabbath observance, one in which strict adherence for the sake of image, is exactly what the Jewish people faced.  Forced by the Pharisees’ law, they were forced to not do most things so as to not accidentally “work” on the sabbath. The point, however, that the Sabbath observance was originally intended to make was one that ultimately pointed toward the ultimate, eternal rest that we are granted through faith in Jesus Christ, a gift from God and not something we can build for ourselves by any work, or lack thereof.

Questions to take home:

  1. Do you have a funny memory about Sunday practices from your youth?  What did you learn from that? How does it differ from what you feel or believe now?  What changed?
  2. Why do you think God instituted the Sabbath when He was done creating the universe?  What purpose did it serve? What purpose does it serve now?
  3. Ultimately, the Sabbath observance points forward to Jesus and the eternal rest we have because of His work, grace, and salvation.  Do you think that observance of the/a Sabbath is still something we ought to follow? Why or why not? How does your answer impact the way you live your life?