Hebrews 2:5-18 “Incarnational Impact”

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Have you ever heard the saying “before you judge a person, walk a mile in their shoes”?  This expression is an encouragement to consider, and possibly even enter into a person’s experience before you judge their actions, choices, or lifestyle.  The musical Les Miserables carries this theme, amongst others, as it follows the life and impact of a once poor, but now wealthy man vs. the man of the law.  One’s actions are feared while the other’s changes lives.

Jesus is God; yet He literally put on human flesh and shared completely in our humanity.  The creator of the universe stood on the sod He created looking up at stars He had set in place and felt… everything.  He experienced our life, our temptations, and our sufferings and as such, He can help us in those same experiences in our own lives.  Jesus also took on sin and death, conquering them so that we who are also human would no longer be subject to them!

Questions to take home:

  1. Have you ever had someone offer you advice for a situation to which they had no context, experience, or understanding?  How did that make you feel? Did you follow it? What aspects of their advice were helpful or harmful?
  2. Has anyone ever told you (or maybe have you told someone) “I know exactly how you feel?”  What is trying to be conveyed in a statement like this? What do we mean when we say something like this and what would be a better way to communicate it?
  3. Jesus experienced humanity in its fullness yet far too often we tend to minimize Jesus’ humanity for the sake of His divinity.  Why do you think this is? What benefit is it to us to remember that Jesus is also fully human?