Hebrews 13 “The ‘Laundry List'”

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“Just tell me what you want me to do.”  It’s a phrase I’ve said to my wife many times.in the midst of some confusion about expectations or something.  I’ve learned, however, that in these moments, our discussions are not actually about the things that need to be done, but about my attitude in doing them.  Rather than simply accomplishing something because it is there, Bethany wants my heart to be in it; I should want to help, not just do it out of obligation.

The author closes the book of Hebrews with a list of practical ways in which followers of Jesus live out their faith in the world.  Boundaries such as these can be found throughout the New Testament and can easily be seen as “to-do” list from God. However, God isn’t looking to fill a religion with work, He desires a relationship, showing us love and loving for us to love Him back and to show it in how we live.

Questions to take home:

  1. How are the first five general guidelines for Christian life related to each other?  Rather than just being a “to-do” list, how do they challenge our heart as we live into our faith?
  2. Leadership is addressed in chapter 13.  What is the author saying to the church?  To their leaders? What things can we carry from this into the fall when we consider Elders and Deacons for the next year?
  3. Hebrews constantly reminds us that, in Jesus Christ, we look to better things than whatever this world has to offer.  Read verses 9-13, how do the words about a different altar and an enduring city comfort and inspire you? What do they impact your life?