Hebrews 1:1-2:4 “Hebrews: The Book of Better Things”

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Our culture seems to always be on the hunt for the best.  We crave it, demand it, and will, in some cases, even pay exorbitant amounts of money for it.  Whether it’s the T.V. competition shows like The Voice or America’s Got Talent or technology, with it’s newest, latest, and greatest, our culture never settles for anything less than the best.

Throughout Scripture, God continually reveals to His people His plan for their salvation.  Where there were once great positions like prophets, priests, and kings, Jesus came. The deep truth of those offices is that they pointed to Christ.  He is the best; there is no better. Jesus is the better thing, the best thing. In spite of all we look for to fulfill us, Jesus is there offering true fullness, life, and salvation!

Questions to take home:

  1. What is the “best” thing that you own?  What about that thing makes it so great?  How do you treat that thing differently than other things that are yours?
  2. Do you find yourself looking for new things all the time?  Maybe those are necessities, or “toys” of some sort? Why do you think North American culture is so obsessed with newness and has such disregard for old things?
  3. The book of Hebrews opens with a profound statement of the supremacy of Jesus over and above all things, the fulfillment of everything that Scripture says, and the living embodiment of God.  With that said, does He take that supreme place in our daily lives? How do we (or don’t we) live this out on a daily basis?