Genesis 6:9-7:5 “Absurd Opportunities: Noah”

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Over the past several months, we have been we have included in our prayers a request that God provides us with opportunities to follow Him, both here in church and in the Hopkins community.  Last week we looked at Paul’s encouragement in the book of Ephesians to #makethemost of every opportunity.  We also talked about what it would look like to view every moment of our lives as a God-given opportunity.

Today we are beginning a series of messages on some of the most well-known Bible stories.  Many of us have heard these stories since we were young and each of them provides an example of some God has called making to most of the opportunity God had presented them with.  Each of them followed God’s call and their obedience had a profound impact.

Questions to take home:

  1. How has looking at every moment in life as an opportunity changed the way you look at your day to day schedule?  Have you seen new opportunities or different ways that God is working?  What is one major impact that this way of thinking has changed you?
  2. Have you ever had a “crazy idea” about something you felt you should do?  Were you excited or afraid?  Did you do it or avoid it?  What caused you to act how you did and are do you think it was the right action?
  3. Do you pray for things like patience, courage, strength, etc?  What opportunities has God placed in your life to be those things?  Have you taken those opportunities?  Why or why not, and what changes have you seen?