Genesis 45:3-15 “Absurd Opportunities: Joseph”

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When bad things happen to us, it can be very hard to look at them as anything positive.  It is hard to have the perspective of opportunity when things are in the dump.  More often than not, it feels better, easier, and safer to give up, give in, and just walk away.  No matter what the situation, past or present, it is (let’s be honest) incredibly hard to see God at work.

Scripture doesn’t promise us that our journey of faith will be a cakewalk.  It certainly doesn’t set up for us the idea that if we do all the right things, life will be easy and full of worldly wealth.  However, God does promise, all throughout Scripture, that He will never leave us, that He has great plans for us, and that He is working out all things for our salvation.  This promise doesn’t ensure that life won’t be hard at times, but it does assure than nothing we encounter is too difficult for Him to handle, is able to separate us from Him, or can take away the assurance of hope and salvation we have in Jesus Christ.

Questions to take home:

  1. Can you think of a time in which it seemed like nothing was going your way?  How did you feel in the midst of that?  Where did you see (or not see) God at that time?
  2. “Hindsight is always 20/20,” or so goes the saying.  Looking back on this event now, would you react differently?  What work was God doing in the midst of this?  How have you grown from it?
  3. The narrative of Joseph is not just about personal growth, but about God’s faithfulness and the impact of obedience even seemingly hopeless situations.  How has God shown His faithfulness to you recently?  What is He calling you to be obedient to in your life right now?