Exodus 2:1-10 “Absurd Opportunities: Moses”

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All throughout Scripture water is symbolic of change.  It was out of water that God created all of creation and it was with water that he “started over” in the flood.  Moses was drawn from the water, giving him a new chance at life and the people of Israel passed through the waters of the Red Sea and the Jordan river, each representing a fundamental change in their identity.

This morning, as we celebrate the sacrament of baptism, we recognize that we who are in Christ, have also passed through the waters.  Baptism is a symbol for us that there is something different about who we are, a fundamental change in our identity.  We are God’s people, called to new life in Jesus Christ, by faith, through grace.  While baptism itself does not save us, it reminds us once again that God’s salvation is for us!

Questions to take home:

  1. When Moses was drawn out of the water, the whole trajectory of his life changed.  Have you ever experienced a moment in your life when you knew your future was changing?  What was that moment?  How did things change?  What impact did that have on you?
  2. God always equips us for the calling that He has for us.  Can you think of a time when you went through something that you didn’t understand but that came back to be helpful later on?  Would it change your perspective if we looked at every experience as a possible opportunity for being equipped?  How?
  3. Moses’ faithfulness to God’s call meant two things: confronting powers in the world and leading God’s people to freedom.  Are there things in your life that God is calling you to confront?  Are there people in your life that God is calling you to lead to freedom in Jesus Christ?  What and/or who are they?  What do you need to do to move toward it?