Ephesians 6:10-20; Matthew 4:1-11 “The Sword of the Spirit”

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The final weapon that Paul describes in the armor of God is the Sword of the Spirit. Unlike the rest of the weapons, he describes this weapon clearly in this passage: the Word of God. This sword has both offensive and defensive properties to it, however the important thing is that knowing how to wield it.
Too often, Christians take the Bible and swing it wildly, hacking and slashing with their sword. However, thinking that possessing a Bible or knowing a few verses allows us to swing it. It is not the words on the page that give us power, but the authority from which they come. The words of Scripture are given authority through the Holy Spirit who illumines it in our hearts and minds. For us to wield it well, we much practice and be intimately acquainted with its message.
Questions to take home:
For a Roman soldier, skill with the sword was the difference between life and death. More important than even food and water. Do we treat Scripture this way in our lives?
Have you ever experienced an event in your life that you knew the enemy was involved in? How did you respond? How did the enemy respond?
What steps can you take to sharpen your skills with your sword? Write down your answer, form a plan, and stick to it!