Daniel 6 “Uncompromised Obedience”

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I am not a runner.  As such, I have never experienced seeing the finish line in a race.  However, if you ask a runner when the time they need to push the hardest is, they will likely tell you it is in the final paces of any race.  This is the time your body is fatigued, the time when your muscles hurt, and the time you have to dig down deep for that final push to finish well.

In our Scripture today, Daniel is now in his late 70’s.  He has served God in Babylon for most of his life. Yet, even in his twilight years, Daniel shows us that the life of faith takes no time off and knows no retirement  We too, from the youngest to the oldest, face the challenges of the world around us to compromise the living out of our faith or stand on the Rock of our Salvation as the center and foundation of our lives.

Questions to take home:

  1. What are some of the “holy habits” that you have developed in your life and in your relationship with Jesus?  Are these habits consistent or sporadic? What could you do this week to move toward more consistency?
  2. Daniel’s commitment to prayer became the basis on which he was convicted of following God.  Could the way that you live lead to your conviction of being a Christian?
  3. Are there things in your life that are drawing you away from your relationship with God?  What are they and how will you combat those things this week?