Daniel 1 “Uncompromised Sovereignty”

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Have you ever been in a situation where the way people acted and the expectations seemed completely foreign to you?  In one sense, you may not know how to act and if your normal way of behavior is acceptable. In another sense, you may get the impression, whether directly or indirectly, that there are expectations of how you are to be that you may not know or be comfortable with.

The book of Daniel takes place as Daniel is taken captive and forced into a foreign culture.  He is offered the best food, education, and position the culture has and is forced to decide whether or not he will engage these things or separate himself from them.  We too find ourselves in a culture that is foreign to the way Scripture calls us to live. Every day we face the question of how we can live uncompromised in a world that offers us the “best” it has to offer?

Questions to take home:

  1. The happenings recorded at the beginning of Daniel 1 are credited to God’s sovereign power.  How has God worked through disasters in your life to bring about transformation in you or those around you?
  2. Western culture has, more and more, become a foreign culture in the face of Biblical Christian principles.  How do you see this becoming apparent in your life? In what ways do you feel challenged to conform to or resist the cultural influences in your life?
  3. Daniel is presented with the best of everything Babylon has to offer; he says yes to some and no to others.  Daniel’s ability to discern and live differently was transformational to those around him. How do you discern between the things of this world that we can cooperate with and those we should resist?