Colossians 1:1-14 – “Continual Prayers”

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Thankfulness is something that is really easy to be aware of when things are good.  Prayer is something we tend to do more of when things aren’t so good. How often do we find ourselves so thankful that we are driven to prayers of thanks to God?  In the same way, how often, in the midst of life’s struggles, do we find ourselves in prayer and overcome with thankfulness that we can indeed come before God and find our help in Him?

Paul begins this letter with prayers of thankfulness for the great faith that was being displayed among the church in Colossae.  His joy grew out of the fruit of their faith, people living for Christ and the kingdom of heaven expanding because of it. This morning, as we continue kicking off our fall season, we have the opportunity to offer thanks to God for the ministries present here, the leaders who lead them, and expansion of God’s Kingdom because of them!

Questions to take home:

  1. Paul opens this letter with thankfulness for their faith in God and love for God’s people.  How do we take time to celebrate each other’s faith? What do we do to be thankful for the love that we have for each other in the community of faith?
  2. Do you remember the people who were influential in introducing you to Jesus?  Maybe they were parents, Sunday school teachers, or a pastor. How thankful are you for them?  When was the last time you told God that? When was the last time you told them?
  3. Because of what he has heard, Paul says they “have not stopped praying” for the Colossian church.  What are some things going on at HCC that you are thankful for? What are some things you are concerned about?  Commit them to prayer this week!