This page is dedicated to reopening information for Hopkins Community Church
After much prayerful discussion and consideration, the consistory has determined that the best course of action for Hopkins Community Church is to resume our Sunday Morning worship practices in phases.  This will help us to adapt to our “new normal,” allow us to gain trust in the process, and give the leadership an opportunity to evaluate our plan and practices and adapt as necessary on a step by step basis.
Phase 1 will involve just the Sunday morning worship service.  We will have greeters (likely the consistory), the worship team, and folks helping with coffee.  The nursery will be open, but not staffed.  There will be no Discipleship Hour or Walkout Worship.
Phase 2 will incorporate those things not happening immediately in phase 1 (nursery, walkout worship, Discipleship Hour).  The Consistory has determined that a slower and cautious approach to reopening everything is necessary, especially as we move into the fall and winter (cold and flu) season.  As such, we are targeting January 1, 2021 as a roll-out date for phase 2.
Our goal in this two-phase approach is that we will have time to evaluate our plan and practices and refine our approach a bit at a time.  It also gives us the opportunity to observe how the schools handle their reopening.
Ministries not associated specifically with Sunday morning (GEMS, Cadets, Youth Groups, Small Groups, etc.) are not included in this phase-in approach.  The consistory feels that it would be difficult to offer directives specific to each ministry because of the varying scope, population, and venues for meetings.  As such, we are encouraging these ministries to launch when their leadership feels comfortable with a plan that makes sense for them and their team of leaders and those they minister to.
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