Maundy Thursday & Monday Updates

Hello HCC!

We have some updates for you about things going on this week and some of the announcements that we shared yesterday:
First and foremost: Maundy Thursday Worship will be held at 6:00 PM.  Pastor Jon apologizes for missing this crucial detail.  This service will be live-streamed as well in our usual place.
We have posted the video of the updates Pastor Jon gave in church yesterday.  You can view that segment here:
The Youth & Families Pastor position is posted on our website.  You can find it using the following link:
The Church Center App can be downloaded from either the google play store (Andriod) or the app store (apple).  Search for Hopkins Community Church and it will prompt you to log in.  Please note: we are in the initial phases of this project and so not everything is functional as of yet.  If you are newer to our community, your information may not be updated yet either.  We are working on it though!
You can also check out the online version of this here:
Just a reminder too that our Lent blog posts continue to be posted at
Have a blessed Holy Week!

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