Mark 3 – Divided Kingdom

Read Mark 3

After healing a man with a shrivled hand, the religious leaders have trouble finding a way to accuse Jesus and destroy His ministry.  Interestingly, and somewhat ironically, they finally decide to accuse Jesus of being on the side of the enemy, working for satan himself.  Sometimes the words of the pharisees remind me of the ways that our politicians act, accusing each other of different things so as to gain the upper hand, to retain their power and status.

Jesus is not so easily swayed or overcome by these arguments.  Whereas it seems today that the accusation of anything in today’s political arena would garner a recant, reversal, or otherwise change of action or statement, Jesus stands firm in His mission, His Kingdom focus.

Sometimes it feels like the church faces this sort of division in our culture.  We desire to advance the Kingdom, to be on mission with God, and yet we fear the reprisal and accusations of those around us.

The Kingdom of Heaven in not one of timidity, it is not one of scared political correctness or middle of the road decisions.  Jesus doesn’t, in the face of questions about keeping the Sabbath or any such thing, decide to heal the shrivled hand tommorow, He takes action now.  This is the nature of God’s work of grace, healing and transformation.

This doesn’t mean biligerence.  Scripture says often to remember the “weaker brother.”  Jesus doesn’t get in their face, He doesn’t start a protest movement against the religious leaders or an “occupy the Temple” movement against the observation of the law.  Rather, calmly and consistently, He brings healing in God’s name, and teaches about the true nature of God’s Kingdom, a Kingdom that above all finds it’s foundation on God’s unquenchable love and desire for reconciliation.

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