Lent Reading Challenge: Mark 6

The Challenge for the rest of Lent:

– Read. One chapter in the Bible each day until Easter.  Start with Mark, then read Romans.
– Pray. 10 minutes, twice a day.  No distractions, not multitasking.  Just spend time with God.
– Give. A full tithe (10% of your income) each Sunday through Easter.
Don’t do this religiously, do it relationally.  Scripture says in James 4:8, “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.”  Engage this challenge prayerfully and openly, asking God to reveal Himself throughout these coming days.  Be aware and alert to the things God may be showing you.  They may be thoughts that just pop up, experiences that you have, or even just impulses that you may sense.  Also be aware that Satan, the enemy, will seek to throw you off.  Scripture calls us to put on the Full Armor of God, that we can stand against the schemes of the devil.

 Read Mark 6

Questions for Reflection:
1. The people from Jesus’ hometown had a reaction of “who does this guy think he is?”  They knew his family, his past, and what likely was the cultural expectation for someone of his class and upbringing.  How do we do this to others in our lives?  How do you see this happening in the church?
2. After Jesus’ disciples returned, Jesus instructs them to go and rest.  We see this rhythm a great deal in Scripture.  In what ways does this inform/instruct us in how our lives should be lived?  How do you make time for rest in your life?
3. Jesus’ disciples were “completely amazed” at His ability to walk on water because their hearts were hardened.  Can you think of other places in Scripture that the people of God had hardened hearts in the face of God’s miraculous power?  How do you find this to be true in your own life?


Pray for yourself, that your heart may be softened to the work God is doing in you through this challenge.
Pray for Hopkins Community Church, that we would recognize the redemption and renewal present in each other’s lives rather than judging each other (and those around us) by their past. 
Pray for our ability to rest, that we may find times to take part in it and be refreshed by the Holy Spirit.
Be sure to spend time listening too; prayer is a conversation.  “Be still and know that I am God.”  Psalm 46:10

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