Isaiah 55 "Listen and Live"

(We apologize for the audio hum/buzz)

We are invited into the life of God through the free grace of Jesus Christ. This is what Isaiah is referring to when he speaks the invitation to “buy without money.” We are also called to live into this by believing in Jesus (the Divine Word made flesh) and Engaging in the Word of God. When we do, we will see transformation; God will accomplish what He intends when we hear His Word.

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2 Responses to “Isaiah 55 "Listen and Live"”

  1. Ah yes! Not just reading the word and getting through it, but letting God’s word get into us! Something you told us to do! I like the two things-inward growth, and outward service.

  2. […] Sometimes we get caught up in denominationalism, questioning the motives of certain preachers, or criticizing the actions of other faith communities.  Paul, however, is not concerned with the minutia of what is going on in different churches as long as the Gospel is being faithfully preached.  Now, this isn’t a license to preach and teach whatever we want.  Yet, whatever the human motives are, when the Word of God goes out, it will not return empty. […]

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