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Good Morning HCC!

Coming to you this morning with several pieces of information regarding the life and ministry of Hopkins Community Church.

Drive-In Church: Sunday 5/3/2020

Join us for Drive-in Church at 10 AM tomorrow! We will open Scripture to Philippians 2:1-11 in a sermon entitled “In Your Relationships with One Another…”
You can join us in person (in your car) at HCC, tuning your radio to 97.3 FM.
You can join us live on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE-yIUv3Mc6wTTledxAKIww
This will be the new home for live streaming HCC worship services and events.  Please subscribe to the channel!
We continue to test some new software, trying to improve your experience and our abilities.  There may be an increased delay (up to approx. 30 seconds) between the video online and the audio in your vehicle.  If you are watching from your vehicle, we recommend muting the audio on your mobile device and listening to the radio.
You can also join us live on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/HopkinsCommunityReformedChurch
Attached you will find a printable worship sheet as well. Please remember that we cannot provide them at the time of the service.
Please remember to remain in your vehicles for the service as we continue to comply with the current standards of the Federal Government’s social distancing guidelines.
There will be a place to drop off donations as Tithes/Offerings as well as your offer on the way in and on the way out. Our In-Gathering this week is for the Hopkins food Pantry. The following is a list of suggested items:
Jam Tomato soup Cereal Canned vegetables Canned fruit Tuna fish Macaroni and cheese Bar soap


Though this Sunday is the first Sunday of the month, which typically would mean that we celebrate Communion together, this week we will not be doing so. Pastor Jon and the consistory encourage you to do this at home with your families at Lunch tomorrow. We truly believe that you do not need the “right words” but rather, the “right heart” for it. Matthew 26:26-28, John 6:53-58, and 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 are good passages to read as you do this together with your family.

Discipleship Opportunity:

Beginning this week on Thursday evening, from 8:00 PM – 9:15 PM we will be hosting an event called “EXPECTANCY: learning to grow, pray, and operate in the power of the Holy Spirit“. This meeting will take place via ZOOM, led by Pastor Jim Harrison, and will be an opportunity to grow in your knowledge, understanding, and ultimately the application of what it means to live our lives in a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit. The group will be using the book “Forgotten God” by Francis Chan, resuming a study that they began in early March before the Lockdown. Though the group had met twice, they are still in the first chapter and anyone is welcome to join up as the first session will help catch everyone up and get everyone on the same page.
Book and workbooks are available at the church and you can get in touch with Pastor Jon to schedule a pick-up. If you are interested in being a part of this, please email Inform.HCC@gmail.com or call Pastor Jon and let us know and we will get you the ZOOM call information.


At this time, we are going to continue worshiping on Sundays via the Drive-in Style of worship through May 24. We will also be extending the suspension of In-Person activities in the church through this time. The consistory will meet on May 18 to discuss the future and consider possibilities for “opening up” once again. Please be in prayer for wisdom and discernment on this matter as we balance our desire for normalcy with that of keeping people safe. A survey will be going out to the congregation and those who have attended Drive-In church these past 3-4 weeks about thoughts and feelings regarding current and future possibilities.


Finally, we want to once again encourage you that if you find yourself in need, or know of someone who is in need, we would like to connect with you (or them) and help.  HCC has both physical and financial resources to help those in need and want to do so in this time.  Please contact a consistory member or Pastor Jon to talk about this.


Dick Boverhof (District 4: M-R)



Sally Burgess (District 3: I-L)



Lee DeZeeuw (District 2: F-H)



Dan Kisner (District 1: A-E)



Bob Larr (District 5: S-Z)




Troy Clement (District 2: F-H)



Joel Eding (District 3: I-L)



Rich Huizinga (District 4: M-R)



Jennifer Kerber (District 5: S-Z)



Lupe Martinez (District 1: A-E)



Eric Porter (District 3: I-L)


Have a blessed weekend!

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