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Good Morning Hopkins Community Church!

Coming to you with some updates and information about HCC and things coming up!
If you ordered clothing for the Costa Rica mission trip fundraiser, the Blieks will have your order at church on Sunday in their car.  Please find them after worship to pick it up.
On Monday, June 15, the Consistory will meet together.  One of the things that will be at the forefront of our agenda will be a continuing discussion on “reopening” and the return to in-person worship inside the church building.  We ask that you be in prayer for us over the next week and a half as we approach this meeting!

Drive-In Church: Sunday 6/7/2020

Join us for Drive-in Church at 10 AM Sunday! We will be opening Scripture together looking at Revelation 1:9-20 as we begin our summer series talking about the “End Times,” bringing as much clarity as we can to the subject. I would encourage you to read a handful of passages in preparation for Sunday as well from the Old Testament. Isaiah 2:2-5; Daniel 2; and Ezekiel 1. These passages contain visions that are had and, in some cases, interpreted by the prophets. They are strange… sometimes wild… but are very important as we enter into a conversation on the “End Times” or the “Last Days”. I encourage you to prayerfully read these, and let them set with you, even if you don’t feel like you understand them. Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you in the coming days as God speaks through these passages.
You can join us in person (in your car) at HCC, tuning your radio to 97.3 FM.
You can join us live on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE-yIUv3Mc6wTTledxAKIww
Please subscribe to the channel!
You can also join us live on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/HopkinsCommunityReformedChurch
Attached you will find a printable worship sheet as well. Please remember that we cannot provide them at the time of the service.


The Consistory decided, on Monday, that with upcoming services, we are welcoming people to bring their lawn chairs. You are welcome to sit in front (or behind) your vehicle. We also ask that everyone respect each other’s distance, if they wish, and decisions in this regard, being mindful of those who choose to remain in their vehicles and, particularly with the honking, that you are also mindful of those who are outside of their vehicles. The church will continue to be closed and we heavily encourage you to plan on not using the restrooms here at HCC. A P.A. system will broadcast the service in the parking lot.


Please remember that we have a number of different giving options for you whether in person, via mail, ACH, and also online. You can check them out at https://www.hopkinscommunitychurch.net/giving/
We are continually grateful for your ongoing generosity and support!
There will be a place to drop off donations of food as well as your tithes/offerings on the way in and on the way out. Our In-Gathering this week is for the Hopkins food Pantry. Non-perishable food items can be brought for donation. See the following message from Diane Stone:
The first Sunday of June is upon us, Happy summer everyone!  Our regular food pantry donation week is this week, please consider bringing an item with you to drive-in church to help individuals in our community.  Some suggestions:
Mac & cheese
Spaghetti O’s / Ravioli
Canned fruit
Tuna/hamburger helper
Feminine hygiene products
Dish soap
Additionally, this week, there will be large crates on the North end of the parking lot. YoungLife is doing a pop can collection drive. You are welcome to drop off any pop cans that you have on Sunday and YoungLife will hold on to them and return them when that is a possibility.
We look forward to seeing you, whether in person or online, on Sunday!
Have a blessed weekend!

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