HCC 2022 Mission and Vision Goals Part 3: Communication

Parts 2 through 6 of the HCC 2022 Mission and Vision Goals series on the HCC blog are going to be about unpacking the “foreground” of the HCC’s 7-year Vision.  Remember that we are looking at the whole Vision like a picture in a frame.  The frame represents the Mission of HCC with its mission statement, values, metrics for success, etc.  In the center of the frame is a picture that represents the Vision proper.
Every good picture has a series of focus points.  There is the foreground, the midground, the background, and the horizon (and beyond).  As we think about Vision, we are thinking about it in these same terms, and also adding a timeline to it which is as follows:
  • Beyond the Horizon – 7 Years
  • Back Ground – 3 Years
  • Mid-Ground – 1 Year
  • Foreground – 90 Days
The closer we get to the front of the picture, the more dynamic and detailed the Vision becomes.  For more on this, check out the first post in this series:

 2022 Goals

Hopkins Community Church has main goals (mid-ground Vision) for 2022:
Remember, the Foreground (90-day) Vision elements are not necessarily directly correlated to the Mid-ground (1-year) goals.  Rather, these 90-day goals will help drive us toward achieving the 1-year goals.


Good communication is key for just about everything.  In my pre-marital counseling sessions, we always start by talking about healthy communication patterns.  These ideas repeatedly come up as we work through a myriad of other subjects.  It is one of the things that are most important and most necessary for organizations to function well.  I’m sure it is not surprising when I also say that it is the thing that organizations struggle with most.
Hopkins Community Church has had varied experiences with communication.  We have swung on the pendulum between extremes.  Sometimes it feels like we aren’t communicating anything.  This leads to rumors and wondering what is actually going on.  At other times we have over-communicated to an almost annoying degree.  This leads to burnout and a lack of engagement on the part of the congregation.
Currently, I think we are somewhere toward the over-communication side.  A major part of this has to do with the way that we communicate.  Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Informer Email, Website, REMIND text, Bulletin, Mailbox, and APP.  Even this blog will be posted in a minimum of four different places.  Add to this all of the various groups on Facebook for each ministry team too.  We find ourselves almost over-stimulated with the barrage of things coming at us from HCC.
Our goal in 2022 is to streamline this.  We aim to work toward funneling everything into the APP (and written form).  It is our hope that the APP will become a one-stop shop for all things HCC.  This would also eliminate a great deal of extra work internally.  By the end of 2022, our aim is to have a clear, concise and established process for communication.  Instead of painfully long emails, information will come in short, quick messages.


Making this transition will heavily involve you.  First, we need people to download the APP if you haven’t already.  You can do this by searching “Church Center” on your phone’s app platform.  Once you download it, log in.  It is relatively easy; most of your information is already there.
Once you have the APP, get out the “groups” section.  You will find a number of groups there you might be interested in.  We have created a group called “HCC Communications” that we are asking everyone to join.  Please add yourself to this group.  There is also a link to this on the home page of the APP.  
Eventually, we will do the work of adding everyone.  It is easier, though, for you to add yourself.

 THE “Foreground” Vision Breakdown

In the first quarter of 2022, we will focus on getting everyone that calls HCC home on this APP and into this group.  We want to make this and other things here as easily accessible as possible.
Starting in April of 2022, we will begin phasing out the REMIND texting alerts and the HCC Informer emails.  Both will be replaced by regular communication through the APP.  While we work through this, we will also be actively connecting ministry teams and leaders that aren’t already using the APP to it.
As we move into the third quarter, we are going to begin phasing out social media as a regular internal communication platform.  While the HCC Facebook page will still exist, as will our website, it will be an external face for Hopkins Community Church only.  Again, internal communications will happen through the APP.  We will also be encouraging our ministry teams to make this transition.
By the beginning of October, our goal is that we are living into a new pattern of communication that is healthier and more engaging for the HCC congregation.
We invite you into this time of transition.  The leadership and staff of HCC recognize that not everyone is on the same level with technology.  Please use us as a resource if you have any questions; WE WANT TO HELP!!  With that in mind, we will also be working hard to keep printed material available to anyone who needs it so that everyone can be connected to Christ and Community!

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