HCC offers several different options for giving/tithing in addition to the traditional use of our offering plate during a worship service. Below we have outlined these choices and options; please select which one best suits you. 
1. MAIL 
You’re always welcome to use the old “snail mail” method and simply mail your tithe/offering to the church using a check. Please do not send cash to us through the mail. Our mailing address is: 2142 128th Avenue, PO Box 336, Hopkins MI 49328.
2. ELECTRONIC CHECK (set up through your banking system)
The electronic check (also known as Bill Pay in some banks) can be set up online through your banking system. You would use Hopkins Community Church as the “bill” you wish to pay, then simply set up the amount you want to send and how often; the bank will issue a paper check to be mailed directly to the church at no cost to you. This has worked well for several of our members over the past few years, especially those who travel and wish to continue to give while they are out of town. You may place your envelope number or the words “General Fund” in the memo line if your bank allows for this.
3. ACH (bank automatic withdrawal)
The ACH automatic withdrawal is set up by you and administered through HCC. By filling out the form here, you give HCC permission to withdraw a set amount on either the 15th or 30th of the month; or both the 15th and 30th of the month. You set up the amount and frequency you wish to tithe and HCC will send that information to the bank on those dates each month. To make changes to the amount or frequency to your ACH withdrawal, please notify the church in writing (email is acceptable) and indicate any changes you wish to make. The email address to use for ACH communication is: hcrc@sbcglobal.net.
You may download the ACH form here, attach a voided check and return that to HCC in person, by mail, or snap a picture with your phone and send that to the church office at hcrc@sbcglobal.net. Please note that we do need the original paperwork to keep on file per banking regulations, so if you send it to us with your phone please also turn in the paper form when it’s convenient for you to do so.
We have recently set up a new online giving platform that will allow giving through our website and also through use of the Tithe.ly App. For those who use mobile devices, you may wish to download the app for your phone or tablet. For those who are not on a mobile device or do not wish to download the app, you may give directly here through TITHE.LY.  
Tithe.ly does charge HCC a small fee for use of their service (2.9% of the total transaction plus a .30 cent per transaction fee). If you wish to cover this cost with your donation, there is a box to check and the fee will be charged to you instead of the church. While we would definitely appreciate this, there is certainly no obligation to do so! 
Below is a short tutorial showing you how to set up your Tithe.ly app and account. We hope this is helpful for you. Click on the link to view the PDF document:
Please feel free to call the office or speak with the Deacons with any questions you may have regarding any of these forms of tithing. As always, we encourage you to give in the spirit of generosity, joy, trust, and worship of God our provider and sustainer!