Day 235: Jeremiah 50; Messages against the Nations (Part 3)

Like Isaiah, and many of the other prophets, Jeremiah also contains within it prophecy for judgment on Babylon, the Lord’s instrument.  I’m sure it seemed like the empire of Babylon was too great to be moved, unable to be defeated, but there is nothing that is too great for God to do.  The nation of Babylon was raised up by God for the purpose dispensing judgments to the nations.  However, they were by no means a nation that was without sin.  In fact, the nation of Babylon was incredibly sinful, worshiping false gods and even misusing the articles of the Temple of God that they had plundered.  Jeremiah’s message here makes sure that the people of God understand that not even Babylon, the great empire of the world, would be able to escape the judgment of God.  No amount of military or economic influence would be able to stay the judgement that was to come on them.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I think that this is a very clear message not just to the people of Israel, but to all who read these words.  In my context as a writer, I think of my own country and the decline in moral values and a culture that is… well… corrupt and lacking in solid moral values.  People feel that they can do whatever they want because we are “murica,” the strongest nation in the world.  We have the best stuff and the most of it as well… yet not even a world power like America can stand before the judgment seat of God.

The Church of North America must serve in some ways, like the prophets of Israel did as well.  We have a message given to us by God, one of repentance and salvation.  There is much to be said about what is going on in the country today, things that are contrary to the design and desire of God.  Sin runs rampant and is increasing more and more each day.  We cannot sit idly by and stay silent in the midst of this lest we too be included in God’s judgment.  As Christians, we must stand up in the face of sin, and speak truth into the brokenness of society, not for our own personal gain, but because God has given us a message or restoration through Jesus Christ.  We must place our hope in Him, for He is the only Way to Salvation.

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