Day 221: Jeremiah 9-11; Learn Not the Way of the Nations…

Apart from Jeremiah‘s continuing lament about the coming judgment on Judah and Jerusalem, today’s Scripture reading is largely about the idols that the people of Israel turned to when they should have been worshiping God.  Much of chapter 10 and 11 talk about this.  The people of God had turned from the worship of God to the idols and gods of other nations.  They had taken up witchcraft, sorcery, astrology, consulted with mediums and other oracles rather than looking to God in their times of plenty and times of want.  God, through Jeremiah, talks about the people being concerned about the “signs of the heavens” or the images that come from trees cut down in the woods.  They have no power, they cannot speak, they do not listen.  Yet it seems that the people have been and are bound and determined to have their idols no matter what.

This kind of timely actually, for a couple of reasons.  You may laugh a little bit at me for this, but lately I have been hearing more about conspiracy theories and signs of bad things to come than I remember in recent years.  Sadly, I have been hearing these things despite my being purposeful about ignoring things such as this.  But it seems as though there are many people that are either really paranoid or really board and are looking for coincidences… everywhere.  I won’t lie to you and say that I give all news a fair shake; I tend towards a more conservative view point which beings it own color to the mix.  However, across the board there are people claiming the very things that God is telling His people through Jeremiah to avoid.

The thing that I have found most laughable, and sadly, the most followed by some revolved around the recent birth of the new royal prince and all the things that come along with it.  If you are interested in, or unsure of what I am talking about, you may refer to this article, though I can’t really say that it entirely worth the read… unless you like a good comedy.  From a the radio host of a program called “Ground Zero” named Clyde Lewis, this is an article called “Babylon Done.”

Now apart from the many ridiculous things that he draws together, things that are clearly not linked at all, he also draws from a great deal of what one could consider “the signs of the heavens.”  He even makes references to the star of David, that which the wise men followed to see Jesus.  Clyde also speaks about the different astrological formations that are on the rise in the sky during this time and how the Royal Couple has done this or that to make sure that they are able to have a baby during this time.

True or not, I think there is a very specific response that we as Christians should take to things like this.  What is true in this article is that there are those out there who believe in these things and are willing to talk about it and spread that message.  Yet we know that there is nothing to it, that indeed star formations and constellation alignments do not give anyone power.  As we have read and will read many more times, the only power that anyone has if given to them by God Himself.  He alone holds the world in His hands and grants nations to rise and fall.  There is only one Savior, one who was able to affect the ultimate change in the world, and that is Jesus Christ.  We know too that in this time, as Satan is roaming to and fro on the earth, there will be those that would seek to sway us with idols and signs of the heavens, and we need to resist them, proclaiming the truth of the Gospel to all.  Things like this article may present an opposing worldview, but it also presents us with the opportunity to once again renew our faith and remind ourselves and all those around us where our hope truly lies: in Jesus Christ alone.

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