Day 156: Psalms 15-18; A Royal Psalm

Have you ever just felt the urge to just sing and praise God for some reason.  Perhaps it was for no reason at all, just a joyful song welling up inside of you?  I know I have from time to time.  It just started to come out and before you know it you are singing praises to God, saying prayers of thanks for everything, and lifting up all things before the King of the universe.  Its like an infectious good mood that you can’t stop, a laughter that comes out at the most awkward of times, a smile that makes people wonder what you’re up to inside your head.  It is one of the truest expressions of “my cup overflows” that we experience in our lives.

Sometimes this can be brought on by seemingly nothing.  I know I’ve had days where I just hop out of bed singing in the morning and am praising God all day long.  I suppose it should probably be like this every day, but lets face it, we do live in a broken world and not every day is a good day… even if we believe that every day is a gift.

Psalm 18 - The Lord is My Rock Photo Credit:

Psalm 18 – The Lord is My Rock
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There are other times though, when the circumstances of our lives bring us to our knees or lift us up in worship to God.  Perhaps you’ve just come through a very trying time in your family.  Maybe someone you or someone you know has just come through a difficult illness or loss.  It could be that you’ve been struggling with some problem personally for a long time and have just found freedom and victory from it.  In these cases and so many more, when we come through them by the grace of God we experience in a very real and tangible way how God upholds us and sustains us through every difficult step.  These are the times when it seems the easiest to lift up songs of praise!

This is the case with Psalm 18 today.  We read in the title that this is a Psalm that David sang “when the Lord rescued him from the hand of all his enemies, and from the hand of Saul.”  Remember all of the struggles that David had with Saul?  We talked about David’s “exile” and how he was forced to feel from Saul in the wilderness for a long time and also from his son Absalom, an event which brought about Psalm 3 which we talked about on June 2.  Even after Saul died, David still had to contend with those that were loyal to Saul for the throne.  During his reign, David fought many wars with other nations, ultimately bringing peace to Israel.  This Psalm is kind of like David’s Song of Deliverance and David’s Song of Thanks recorded in 2 Samuel 22 and 1 Chronicles 16.  Both of those songs were similar to the Psalms we are reading now, and take on that same “Royal Psalm” motif of proclaiming the greatness of God and praising Him.

PSALM 15 is a liturgical Psalm that centers around Entering the Temple.  This would have likely been sung by priests and by those who were going up to the Temple of God to worship.  You can see too that Psalm 15 also has some didactic qualities to it as well.  Some might call this a “Song of Ascent,” though we will encounter more of those later in the book of Psalms.

PSALM 16 is a Psalm of trust that is written by David.  Reading through it, we see a beautiful confession of David’s trust in God.  If you listen closely to the word of this Psalm, you hear echoes of the prophecy of the coming Messiah and can see references to Christ hidden within these words.

PSALM 17 is another model Psalm for Lament that has didactic elements to it as well.  Like Psalm 13, we see the confession of trust in God at the end.

PSALM 18 is a Royal Psalm, as we talked about above.  In it we see David proclaiming the magnificence of God which is shown through all of creation.  We also see a great deal of thankfulness and praise in this Psalm as well.  I also think that, as you read it, and perhaps re-read it, you will find the Psalm impressing on your heart the many reasons to praise God each and every moment of your life… which certainly gives it a familiar didactic quality as well.

Psalm 18:28 - The Lord my God will enlighten my darkness Photo Credit:

Psalm 18:28 – The Lord my God will enlighten my darkness
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    How should I site this website if I want to mention something from your blog in a sermon? For now I will simply reference the name of the church, but would prefer an author’s name.

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