Day 153: Job 39-42; The Lord Answers Job

Again today, I think it makes most sense if we also include Job 38 in our discussion for today as it is the beginning of God’s response to Job.  Also today we have come to the end of Job.  We have seen the long dialogue and the questions.  We have learned appropriate ways to respond to God in the different situations that we find ourselves in.  In this we have also seen good ways to support our brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors in their pain and struggle in life by virtue of the example set by Bildad, Eliphaz, and Zophar in how not to be a good friend in time of need.

"The Hands of the Creator" Photo Credit:

“The Hands of the Creator”
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Today, though, we hear the Lord’s response to Job’s challenge of God.  Again, I see the point made here that God is not worried about our questions.  There is no pressure that God buckles under.  Indeed there is nothing to big or to small for the Lord to contend with, and He makes this abundantly clear in His response: “Who are you… Where were you… Can you do these things?”  God is asserting His God-ness… the fact that He is wholly other… completely and totally above all things.  He asks Job question after question and I can just see Job feeling a little smaller after each one.  God covers everything from the star in the heavens, to what happened at the time of creation, to His strength above and providence toward all creatures.  Without a doubt, when the people of Israel would read this, the narrative of creation in Genesis 1 & 2 would come rushing back into their minds.  Perhaps they would be reminded of the story of Noah and the great flood in Genesis 6-9 or of Moses and the 10 plagues that so vividly displayed God’s power over all creation in Exodus 7-12.

Yet the passage that we encounter today is not simply about God’s power above all things and His ability to do whatever He wants because He is God.  Though we believe this to be true in some respects, we also believe that God cannot and does not act outside of the character of God; a “limitation” (if you can call it that) that God has placed on Himself.  God is the True measure of Love, Grace, Mercy, Holiness, Truth, Justice, etc.  He will not act in any way less than what that is.  However, He is still God and His knowledge and wisdom, the Will of the almighty, it completely beyond our comprehension and God is reminding Job, humanity, and specifically the people of Israel of this very truth.

The Lord Answers Job Out of the Whirlwind Photo Credit:

The Lord Answers Job Out of the Whirlwind
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Which brings us back to the very people we have been following so closely up until this book.  We may have taken a step back in time, or a side step in the on going narrative of the people of God, yet really… we haven’t… because this message is directed specifically at them.  In many ways Job is representative of the people of Israel, God’s chosen people.  The life of this nation, in many ways, reflects the life of Job.  They were blessed beyond compare, chosen by God to be His people and to be a blessing to the nations.  Yet, like every nation and every person, they encountered some hard times when they seemed to have lost it all.  Really, this happens several times over the course of the history of Israel and each time it does, the people fall victim to the gods of other nations, the “friends” that try to come and offer comfort.  God’s people even begin to question God and turn away from Him, thinking that their ways are better than God’s.  Interesting that God doesn’t show up in a whirlwind and put them in their place as He did with Job.  And yet… in some ways He does.  Perhaps it is not so direct, so obviously right in front of them, but God’s work always seems to bring them back around.  Whether it is slavery in Egypt, Wandering in the wilderness, defeats in battle, or even exile from their land, God always works to bring them back to Himself.

And this… this is the Truth behind the story of Job and the story of the people of Israel.  God has called them, through no merit of their own, and even when they turn away, God is quick to forgive and quick to restore.  We see this here with Job.  He does not remain obstinate and indignant about his current situation, but quickly falls to his knees and admits his own wrong doing.  This is a lesson for the people of Israel and for all who follow God.  The ways of the Lord are above and beyond our comprehension, yet no matter where we find ourselves, no matter what we have done, if we turn to God and repent of our sins, God is quick to forgive and to restore.  Whether we are walking on the path that the Sun is shining down on or the road marked with pain and suffering, we must cling to the hope that we have in God almighty, our ever-present, all powerful God who promises time and again that He will never leave us and He will never forsake us.

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