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2021 Annual Congregational Meeting – December 5, 2021

Topics to be Covered: Statement of Faith and Beliefs Update, Bylaws Update, 2021 Financial Update, 
2022 Budget, Denominational Conflict, Elder and Deacon Selection        

2021 Congregational Meeting Packet





2020 Annual Congregational Meeting

Topics Covered: Adoption of Statement of Faith and Beliefs, 2020 Financial Update, 2021 Budget


Congregational Informational Update Meeting: January 27, 2020

Topics Covered: 2019 Year-End wrap up, Search Team, Facilities Manager, Kitchen SOP, Statement of Faith, Pastor of Prayer and Discipleship

Associated Documents for this meeting:
As you watch the video, you will see, toward the end, a discussion about the “Pastor of Prayer and Discipleship.”  After corresponding with the consistory regarding a timeline for this, we want to ask for the following:
  • The consistory wishes to hear any feedback (positive and negative), questions, concerns, or desires for clarification over the next week.
  • Please feel free to send any of this to your Elder / Deacon or to Pastor Jon.
  • The window for feedback will go until Wednesday, February 5, 2020, at 11:59 PM.
  • All feedback received will be compiled and given to the Consistory for further consideration.
  • We will address this topic and take a final vote on it at our monthly meeting on February 17.
  • The Congregation will be notified of the decision via the normal methods of email, social media, and Sunday announcements following this meeting.
  • IF the vote is positive, a contract offer will be extended to Pastor Jim Harrison the week of February 17 with a start date on or before March 1.
Please send us your feedback regarding this subject.  We want to hear it all!  We need to hear affirmations and pushback.  We feel that the overall feeling of both meetings was positive but also recognize that these meetings comprised approximately 50 people out of a congregation that has 170+ adults.

Annual Congregational Meeting: November 3, 2019

Topics Covers: Vision for 2020, Bylaws update, Budget approval, Associate Pastor, Facilities Manager, and selection of Elders and Deacons.


Informational Meeting: September 8, 2019

Topic Covered: RCA Vision 2020 & denominational conversations regarding human sexuality