Advent Day 7: Faithful Husband



Yesterday, we saw that the actions of God to bring about the birth of Jesus through Mary left her in a vulnerable position socially and culturally.  As one who was betrothed, or engaged, her being found to be pregnant would have ruined their relationship.  The social implications wouldn’t have stopped with Mary either.  Both her family and potentially Joseph and his family would have been seen as suspicious through all of this.
While we do not get, from this story, all of the juicy details of gossip that probably went around town, what we do see very clearly here is God’s faithfulness in providing for Mary.  Joseph indeed discovered his wife to be was pregnant.  I’m sure Mary passionately tried to convince him of the story of her visitation by the angel Gabriel.  One has to admit though that, for even the strongest relationship, angelic visitation resulting in pregnancy is a bit of a stretch.
God, however, is not content to leave Mary to sort this out on her own.  He sends an angel to visit Joseph in a dream.  The angel relays the message and, as we’ll read tomorrow, convinces Joseph not to leave Mary.
Sometimes the Lord may sometimes call us to seemingly extreme things that may not be the most socially acceptable.  Even then, as we read here in Matthew, God makes a way for these things to happen.  As God said to Abraham, and reiterated to Mary, “Nothing is impossible with God.”
As the saying goes, “where there is a will, there is a way.”  How much more true is this when it is God’s will that is to be accomplished, both in Mary’s life and in ours?


Faithful God,
In you there is nothing that is impossible.
From nothing, You created everything,
out of death, You create life.
We confess that, far too often, we doubt your faithfulness.
We find ourselves worrying more about worldly image than committed obedience.
Help us to see and hear the places you are moving in our lives,
and the “impossible” things that you are calling us to.
Give us courage and strength to follow you into the unknown,
and bring the message of the Gospel with us as we go.
We pray this in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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