Advent Day 16: Angel Choir



For us, in western culture, the notion of a spiritual realm that we cannot see, but exists alongside our physical world is something that people struggle with.  There are many Biblical narratives that include both angelic and demonic activity.  We also read a great deal of fiction that involves a spiritual world.  Sadly, for many people, the great reality of God’s work in and through this invisible reality seems like just that: fiction.
We live in a world and a culture where, if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.  Though interestingly, many people still believe in ghosts and, loosely perhaps, in supernatural events.
Regardless of what people believe, however, the Bible paints a very clear picture of God’s “behind the scenes” work.  In fact, Scripture is clear that God is the creator and ruler of all things, visible and invisible.  And, while angelic encounters are certainly more of the exception than the norm, at this moment, God was pulling out all the stops.
As if to accent the point already made of the Savior being born in the village nearby, a whole host of angels suddenly appear.  One angel would probably have been enough.  An army of angels singing certainly drives the importance of this event home.  Part of me wishes that Luke would have recorded the additional responses of the Shepherds when the heavenly host appeared.  I can’t even imagine what this would be like.
These shepherds witnessed something that few people have ever seen.  When the curtain between the physical and spiritual words is pulled back, God’s glory is on full display.  We get a sense, here, of what that looks like too as we are invited into the angelic worship of God.
The Apostle John invites us into a greater understanding of this in the book of Revelation.  Around the throne of God, the angels are always worshiping.  We, too, are invited to come and worship Christ the risen King.  We join our voices with the angels when we worship God.


Almighty and Everlasting God,
Your holiness is beyond our comprehension and your greatness is more than words can express.
We glorify and worship you, the One and only True God.
As we read about the experience of the shepherds,
help us to recognize our own encounters with You in our lives.
Move us to prayer and worship in the name of Your Son Jesus,
and transform our hearts through those moments through Your Holy Spirit.
Thank You for the great gift You have given us.
May we never lose sight of Your love.

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