Advent Day 12: Holy Spirit Filled



Remember Zechariah?  He was visited by an angel and left mute due to his unbelief at the angel’s message.  His wife, Elizabeth became pregnant and gave birth to the one we know as John the Baptist.  It wasn’t until Zechariah indicated what the boy’s name would be that his tongue was released.  At that moment, Zechariah is filled with the Holy Spirit and prophecies about the boy and God’s work in Him.
Though you probably know the whole of this story, there is something here that challenges us in our faith walk as well.  Many times we experience what God is doing in our lives and, as it comes to fruition, we keep quiet about it.  God is always working out His will in our lives and in the world.  How often do you see it and yet say nothing about it?  More than that, how often are you a part of God’s work and yet don’t even glorify or thank Him for what He has done?
For Zechariah, it is probably a bit more acute.  He wasn’t able to speak, experiencing a sort of “punishment” for his unbelief.  Yet, when his voice is returned, the first words are that of praise, thanksgiving, and prophecy.  Though you may not have lost your voice, the experience of God’s work is no less profound.  Why should we keep quiet?
Those of us who are in Christ have the Holy Spirit in us.  Scripture tells us to “not quench the Spirit…” and yet we do just that when we don’t speak of God’s work in our lives.  Especially in this season of Advent, as we anticipate the coming of Jesus, we should be shouting out praise to God for His loving action, sending His Son, on our behalf!


Almighty and merciful God,
You are continually at work in the world and in our lives.
We praise You for the amazing things You have done in us.
Most of all, we worship You in thankfulness for Your Son, Jesus Christ.
Give us eyes to see and recognize Your work in and around us,
and help us to be open in our acknowledgment of Your mighty acts,
so that those around us may see and glorify Your Name as well.
We pray this through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,

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