1 Corinthians 2 – Whose Voice?

Read 1 Corinthians 2

Far too often churches rise and fall on the strengths and abilities of one particular leader.  A pastor comes in with a “new style” or a great ability to preach and people flock to that person.  They want to hear the amazing speaking and style, to be motivated by a great message and inspired for the week.  Sometimes they even ask great questions, drawing out things from familiar passages that people have never heard before, even cutting right to the core of all sorts of relevant issues.

Yet, in those times, the strength of that church rests on human ability, not on spiritual wisdom, and as such, when that human fails… or moves on to a different church, the “power” of the ministry seems to go along with them.

Paul knew this was something the people of Corinth struggled with.  They were prone to following people based on human abilities and characteristics that they exhibited.  It isn’t that God doesn’t work through these abilities, but Paul knew that trusting in them rather than in God, to whom they were pointing, would ultimately end in failure.

The same is true with many facets of the contemporary church.  We want a great “worship experience” which rests on the abilities of the band, the newness of the songs, or the style that we like.  We feel as those these things connect us to God.  The fact is, in the whole of our lives as followers of Christ, it is the work of the Holy Spirit through building our faith that connects us to God, not any human endeavor.

Jesus says that He is the only way to the Father; we are called to listen to His voice.  Paul, I think, asks the difficult question here: “whose voice are you listening too?”

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  1. Tracy Lubbers says:

    Thanks Jon for that post, it was heart warming and really hit home, during the new/different lead pastor!!! We do need to be silent, so we hear the whispers of Christ!!
    You definitely have a way of letting the spirit move through you as you post daily here!
    Thanks again =)

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